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GCSE - SOS Q&A - What to do next

Can I improve my exam and/or revision technique? Absolutely. You can typically improve your exam performance by working on technique, and by having a better revision strategy. Seek out the other tips on this site for more information. You might be able to improve your grades by 5-25%. T ry this programm e. How important are GCSEs ? It depends. Our culture is traditionally dominated by paper qualifications. Typically you will need Maths and English for career progression, plus 3 other subjects. But GCSE performance does not predict success at A-level or at University, unless you've scored 10 X A* . Remember that life skills, social skills, volunteering and other experience are also valued by employers. I have to confess that despite my C in English Literature, I went on to receive the class medal, and first class honours in this subject. What should I do if my results are not up to scratch? Consider re-taking key subjects such as Maths or English. Seek advice fro