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Shakespeare's Macbeth: A Media Guide

I have recently produced Macbeth: A Media Guide . Here is an extract from the introduction: Although the main focus in this guide is on the most influential film and TV versions of Shakespeare’s Macbeth , other audio and web-resources are also recommended. However, this guide begins by offering links to learning resources for younger children who are studying Shakespeare for the first time. Contemporary re-mediation is constantly refashioning the Shakespearean canon, drawn to the creative risk of playing with the brand and mixing up the source code, or simply aiming to make the drama more accessible to new audiences in a digital age. We have moved a long way since Mary and Charles Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare was the primary choice for children. In fact, there is a long tradition of lavishly illustrated editions of Shakespeare, revealing that the text was seldom required to function on its own (Richmond, 2008; Rokison 2013). For instance, high quality media reso