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Class and Cloister: The St Andrews Correspondence

    “Murtagh McDermott” has edited a collection of historic letters that provide a vivid picture of student life at the University of St Andrews . ·          Encounter a culture of arcane traditions and elite parties. ·          Enter a world increasingly fraught with class conflict. ·          Savour the scandal and the gossip. ·          Follow the crises of faith, sexuality, and sanity as students emerge from closets and cloisters. Read the private correspondence of public schoolboy Julian Arnaud, decadent addict Caspar Dixon-Bailey, Kelvin Digby the Zealot, Socialist “Red” Liam Duffy, Rugby star Antony Reece,   Mother Ailsa Lockhart, confidant Anne Brodie, randy philosopher Dr Lionel Blackthorn, matchmakers Rhona Ballantyne and Morag Strachan, queer Yankee Boyd R. Burrows Jr., field sport enthusiast Hamish McTaggart, and many more.   Class and Cloister: the St Andrews Correspondence explores various aspects of student life at the University of St Andrews through a se