Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Commonly confused words test

Use the words in bold to fill in the gaps:

1. They were _________ delighted with the concert; at the end of the evening they applauded___________.

2. Sinners do not listen to the ___________ of preachers.

3. I am not _________ to drinking brandy in _________weather conditions.

4. Tourists are not __________ to walk on the lawn in the quadrangle.

5. I _________ you to refrain from ringing the alarm bell.

6. How will you  _______ a change in his behaviour?

7. I am pleased to _________ your confessions, _________ the one concerning murder.

Accept        Advice                  Allowed      Advise        All together

Averse        Altogether            Effect                    Adverse      Except

8. The chairman_________ the rowdy members of the committee.

9. I would like to___________ your opinion on the nomination of a new president. Have you had time to __________the quality of the applications submitted?

10. The painter splashed pant on the_________.

11. The state prosecutor _________several words that were deemed blasphemous.

12. The _______of the mountain was rather arduous.

13. The _______examination involved making a speech.

14. The teachers____________ the headteacher of the details of the theft.

canvass                 censured               canvas                  appraise

censored               ascent                  oral                       apprised