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The Discourse of Literature Reviews and Critical Evaluation

A Traditional Card Catalogue Critical evaluations and literature reviews employ an academic discourse. I've started to compose a list of the most frequently used words and phrases : Accentuated differences Acclaimed authors According to Account Acknowledge the issue Addresses Addresses the contradictions Adequate Adopts Advances the idea Almost all Analyses Arbitrary categories Argues Argument Assesses Attempts to challenge Bogged down Bold Breaks new ground Brief discussion Brings together By ignoring this Care with which Centres on Certain types of Challenges Charts Cited Combines analyses of Comments on Compelling argument Comprehensive Conceptual framework Concise Confesses Confides Connects Considered Contains Contradictions Contributors Trinity Library Dublin Conveys the sense Convincing Covers a range of topics Critics Debates about Dense literature Describes the

Academic Word Puzzle

Fill in the missing letters to create common academic words: d__t__ct__d __ppr__c__ __t__ __n   d__v__ __t__ __n b__ __s __ h__rt __ l__r__ty c__nf__rm__ty __b__nd__n __cc__mp__n__ __d __ccumul__t__ __n   __mb__gu__us __pp__nd__x __rb__tr__ry   __ut__m__t__c__lly c__mpl__m__nt __ ruc__ __l __ urr__ncy d__n__t__      __ luctu__t__ __ns   d__spl__c__m__nt __ r__m__t__c c__nt__mp__r__ry __xpl__ __t__t__ __n   c__ntr__d__ct__ __n __v__ntu__lly   __xh__b__t __ u__d__l__n__s   c__mm__d__ty Check you answers in Sublist 8     The Academic Word List (AWL) was developed by Averil Coxhead at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington , New Zealand. The list contains 570 word families which were selected because they appear with great frequency in a broad range of academic texts. The list does not include words that are in the most frequent 2000 words of Engl

List of frequently used academic words

Have you heard of corpus linguistics ?  Corpus linguistics proposes that reliable language analysis is more feasible with corpora (samples) collected in the field, in their natural contexts, and with minimal experimental-interference. How did it all start? A landmark in modern corpus linguistics was Henry Kučera and W. Nelson Francis's Computational Analysis of Present-Day American English (1967). This work was based on the analysis of the Brown Corpus, a carefully compiled selection of about a million words, drawn from a wide variety of sources in current  American English How did technology help? The first computerized corpus of one million words of transcribed spoken language was constructed in 1971 by the Montreal French Project. This effort inspired Shana Poplack's much larger corpus of spoken French in the Ottawa-Hull area The analysis of academic writing shows that there are many  frequently used words and phrases : a form of