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Exam Success: Human or Alien?

I have recently been reviewing all of the most recent research and guidance on the SATS / 11+ Exams for English and wanted to share with you what I found. Parents often ask how they can support their child, or feel they need to have a better understanding of what their English tutor is trying to achieve. I’ve collected some of the best research on exam preparation so that you can share some of the secrets of success. The main theme is the deep connection between reading and creative writing skills and how effectively they improve comprehension and vocabulary. Focus on the Exam It might sound obvious that children should only focus on the exam, which means that all the teaching and all the learning should consist of exam tests on comprehension, missing words (cloze), vocabulary, and shuffled sentences. One of the perceptions is that deviation from the exam is distraction; while it could be enjoyable it’s not really needed to pass the exam. However, it’s important to note that plea