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Images of Life: Creative and Other Forms of Writing - Book Review

The market is now flooded with guides to writing. There are specialist guides for every genre, ranging from the many branches of branch of creative writing and subjective reflections on artistic practice, through to new media, skills-specific workbooks and academic writing guides. Standing out from the crowd is increasingly difficult in the ‘writing about writing’ marketplace. And so many guides simply recycle the same material tediously. In addition, there is the challenge and competition of online guides that distil the mysteries of aesthetic excellence into the seven golden rules of wordcraft. Genuine writers are constantly pressured to teach their craft; their creative space is constantly at war with the busy hoards of the World of Wordcraft. So it is refreshing to come across a new anthology called Images of Life: Creative and Other Forms of Writing , which has been edited by Saptarshi Mallick and published in Calcutta, India, by Book World Publishers. The project was a glob