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Hippodamia. Violent Classics.

Rape of Hippodamia

‘Hippodamia was the bride of King Pirithous of the Lapiths. At their wedding, Hippodamia, the other female guests, and the young boys were almost abducted by the Centaurs. Pirithous and his friend, Theseus, led the Lapiths to victory over the Centaurs in a battle known as the Centauromachy.’

The Abduction of Hippodamia. (L'Enlèvement d'Hippodamie)1877 

The story is referred to in Ovid's Amours (Elegies), Book 1.4. Translated by John Dryden:

YOUR husband will be with us at the treat;
May that be the last supper he shall eat!
And am poor I a guest invited there,
Only to see, while he may touch the fair?
To see you kiss and hug your nauseous lord,
While his lewd hand descends below the board!
No wonder that Hippodamia’s charms,
At such a sight, the Centaurs urg’d to arms:
That in a rage they threw their cups aside,
Assail’d the bridegroom, and would force the bride.
I am not half a horse, (I would I were!)
Yet hardly can from yon my hands forbear.

Hippodamia and the Centaur

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